Weblog Update (Finally!)

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Weblog Update

I finally sat down and got to updating this weblog. I write a lot, but most of my writing is work-related and will go to their respective blogs such as Kafkai blog, GetOTP blog or LaLoka Labs's blog and after all of that there wasn't enough time for me to write things which are more personal.

Started by a 5-Year Diary

My 5-year diary

Afiza gave me a "5-year diary" present for my 47th birthday. She enjoyed writing things on it and nearly finished her current diary. She was recommended to it by a friend, and now she has also recommended it to me. I've started spending two or three minutes at the end of my day every day to write random things that happened that day in it, and realized the urge to write longer thoughts without thinking about work too much. That brought me around to updating this personal weblog.

Some Fixes

Well, no point in updating something without fixing things along the way, right?


I realized after all the time I've spent writing that my posts needed to be categorized in a particular way was actually restricting my writing. I have always been a person who thinks from top to bottom. Categories help if I'm writing for work because we usually have an outcome we want to achieve and it gives me structure, but when it comes to personal writing, this gets in the way.

So, I've decided to just file all my posts under the year they were written and use tags instead as a loose form of categorization.

Non-Translatable Categories in Pelican

Another thing is that sometimes I translate my posts to different languages and I'm using Pelican for this weblog. Pelican does a great job at publishing the different languages through the i8n_subsites plugin, but I haven't found a way to have the categories (which are decided when you create directories) in Pelican translated. So, just having them as years doesn't require translation.

New Domain

And finally, this weblog has a new domain. Just like the weblogs of people I read frequently, such as Tarek Ziade and Simon Willison, it just makes more sense to me to have a domain that reflects myself on the internet.

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