Getting Started With Python in Malaysia

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Python Is The Rage Now

I read on the internet about people wanting to join Python and data science-related courses offered by government-led agencies. These courses are mostly free (funded by taxpayers) but have limited space, and some are restricted to those under 30 years old.

Upskilling isn't just for the young, and learning Python shouldn't require significant financial investment. You can start immediately.

Python is a versatile language used in various domains, from powering the internet and developing AI applications to being utilized in outer space. Its popularity and success stem from being open-source and free to download and use, which lowers barriers to its use and improvement by the public.

Learning Python For Free

I first picked up Python in 2002 (v1.5.2) without spending a sen, and so can you.

There are numerous online resources available for free to start learning Python. Sifting through them all might be overwhelming, so I'll suggest a few built on another reason for Python's popularity: its community.

Learn By Doing

I had tasks I wanted to automate, like pulling data from a website or sending SMS from my computer. You likely have your projects in mind. Spend a few minutes considering them, and start exploring how you can accomplish these tasks with Python. Hands-on experience is the fastest way to learn.

Here are some free materials that will be useful:

Learn By Listening

Learning a new spoken language effectively often involves listening to it spoken. Initially, you might not understand the words, but getting a feel for the language's rhythm and expression can enhance your understanding when you start practicing. The same applies to programming languages.

  • Mike Kennedy's Talk Python To Me I met Mike at PyCon PH in 2024. His podcast features interviews with people working with or using Python in various capacities.

Learn Python Together

The next step is motivating yourself to continue learning and upskilling.

After familiarizing yourself with the syntax and technical language, meeting people can provide motivation and reduce the likelihood of giving up after a few months.

The Python community is incredibly welcoming. Find a group near you and get involved.

Meetups are often free, but PyCons usually have an entry fee. However, PyCons strive to keep ticket prices affordable or they wouldn't be considered PyCons. Most also offer travel grants and free tickets through sponsorships.

Happy Coding

Learning Python in Malaysia is accessible and affordable thanks to numerous free resources and a supportive community. By leveraging materials like Al Sweigart's books and Trey Hunner's newsletters, you can begin learning without financial strain. Engaging with the community through meetups, user groups, and PyCons not only enhances your learning experience but also provides motivation and support from like-minded individuals.

Python's versatility and widespread use across industries make it a valuable skill. Consistency is crucial when learning Python or anything new. Spending an hour a day for a month is more effective than cramming 10 hours into three days. Celebrate your progress and enjoy the journey.

Happy coding, and may your Python journey be as rewarding as it is exciting!

P.S: Thanks to Swee Meng and Kamal for proofreading this post.

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